A downloadable editor

The most complete save game editor available for the ZX Spectrum (48k/128k) version of Elite.


You can create a new Commander at any time or load a pre-existing one from tape.

Edit your Commander stats, equip your Ship, handle your Cargo and the Station's goods, select your location (Galaxy and Planet) and more.

Accessible activation of all 3 in-game Missions.

Saved games from both the 48k and 128k versions of Elite are supported. You may also convert a save from one version to the other.

Featuring Galaxy Creator 2020

So, eight meagre galaxies are not enough for you? Tired of visiting the same old 2048 planets over and over? Say no more, Galaxy Creator 2020 will have you sorted in no time. You can easily generate near endless sets of 8 new Galaxies to explore. To infinity (almost) and beyond! Comes with a complimentary Galactic Map.


Q / A = Up and Down
Enter = SELECT (or cycle through options)
Space = BACK

Code and graphics by Ersh

Tools used: Pasmo, ZX7


mostlyharmless.tap 13 kB